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Save on the cost of scaffolding, a high reach platform or a working at height team.

Reduce inspection costs for your preventative maintenance programme, find faults and leaks early, to save thousands of pounds in repair bills.

Get a good look at reported problems, without having to work at height, such as missing or loose tiles to leaking flat roofs, our drones can quickly and safely give you clear high quality images and videos of the problem.

Images and videos can be shared with maintenance teams or contractors, to confirm the repairs required. 

We can inspect before and after work is completed, to make sure it's to required standard.

Our inspections are quicker than working at height teams, so you get the results quicker.

Remove the risk to employees or contractors associated with working at height.

Busy sites can carry on working, with no down time, as the drone flies overhead and doesn’t interfere with day to day running.

For the inspection of your assets there cannot be a simpler, safer solution.

Our drone efficiently gathers detailed quality data which you and your team can view from the comfort of your office.

Helixcopters drones are a safe, efficient and cost effective way to perform inspections.

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We specialise in drone photography, we can produce stunning high definition videos, to really give your presentation the WOW factor and make it stand out.​​

Do you want a promotional video to compete for online attention?​ ​
Got a product or project you want to promote? ​
Want to make your company stand out from your competitors? ​
Looking for stock footage and photographs? ​

Video has become a must have media for websites and can keep visitors on your site longer and improve SEO ranking, so why not increase your chances of securing a sale by adding some stunning aerial video. ​​


We monitor construction sites, providing video and photographic reports for managing directors and project managers.

We can map buildings and sites to create 3D models, giving you an accurate recreation of the building or site on the computer. The models can also be used to monitor progress.

Our data can show progress or where areas are falling behind. It can show up errors being made, so they can quickly be put right.

Photographs, videos and models can be shown to financiers and customers, keeping everyone informed and up to date with the progress of the project.


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